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Meet the Authors

Bob Burg
Bob BurgBob Burg is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences sharing the platform with everyone from today’s business leaders and broadcast personalities to even a former U.S. President.

In addition to coauthoring the bestselling Go-Giver books with John David Mann, Bob has authored a number of very popular books including the critically acclaimed, Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts Into Sales and Adversaries into Allies. His total book sales are well over a million copies.

Bob is an advocate, supporter and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve. He is also an unapologetic animal fanatic, and serves on the Board of Trustees of Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic in his town of Jupiter, Florida.

For more information, articles and free resources, please visit www.Burg.com

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John David Mann
John David MannJohn is an award-winning author whose writings have earned the Nautilus Award, the Axiom Business Book Award (Gold Medal), and Taiwan’s Golden Book Award for Innovation. In addition to coauthoring the bestselling Go-Giver books with Bob Burg, he is also New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Red Circle (with Brandon Webb) and Flash Foresight (with Daniel Burrus) and the national bestsellers Among Heroes (with Brandon Webb) and The Slight Edge (with Jeff Olson). His Take the Lead (with Betsy Myers) was named Best Leadership Book of 2011 by Tom Peters and the Washington Post.

John is also a concert cellist and prize-winning composer. At age thirteen, his musical score for Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound was performed at the amphitheater in Delphi, Greece (where the play was originally premiered); at fifteen he was recipient of the 1969 BMI Awards to Student Composers. At seventeen he cofounded a private high school in East Orange, New Jersey, called Changes, Inc. In 1986 John founded and wrote for Solstice, a journal on health and environmental issues; his series on the climate crisis was selected for reprint in Utne Reader. In 1992 John produced the underground bestseller The Greatest Networker in the World, by John Milton Fogg, which became the defining book in its industry and sold over two million copies in eight languages. During the 1990s, he built a multimillion-dollar sales organization of over 100,000 people. He was served as cofounder and senior editor of the Upline journal and editor in chief of Network Marketing Lifestyles and Networking Times.

He is married to Ana Gabriel Mann, and considers himself the luckiest mann in the world. You can visit him at www.johndavidmann.com.

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Meet the Team

For a book to reach the heights of influencing business culture throughout the world, it takes more than a couple dynamic and talented authors, it takes a team. This list doesn’t include the many friends and colleagues that have reviewed and endorsed The Go-Giver, the publicists and marketing teams that are connecting us with new audiences, or the many Personal Walking Ambassadors who are sharing The Go-Giver with their friends and constituents. It does, however, include the core team members who have been vital in taking a great manuscript and helping it become a clarion call for a somewhat revolutionary way to do business.

Kathy Tagenel
Kathy Tagenel Kathy Tagenel is the President of Go-Givers International. She and Bob Burg are business partners and their mission is to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit and change the way business is conducted.

Kathy started her own consulting business in 1999. Her background is in marketing, information technology and management. She received her B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and her MBA from the University of Chicago. Kathy has worked for large corporations such as IBM, Verio, and Ameritech. Her passion is working with entrepreneurs and developing new businesses.

Kathy is an adventurer who loves to travel and boldly go where she’s never gone before! She looks forward to traveling the world and meeting all the Amazing Ambassadors of The Go-Giver Movement!

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Ana Gabriel Mann, M.A. (The Creative Advisor)
Ana Gabriel MannAna has a lifelong commitment to empowering people through education. She is trained in clinical psychology and education, has taught at the graduate level, and served as clinical director of a county-wide Alzheimer’s family support services program, and cofounded New England’s first college of Chinese medicine. As a business coach and educator, she has worked in both the profit and nonprofit sectors. She currently sits on the board of directors of the Red Circle Foundation, which provides emergency gap funding and child enrichment program support for families of Special Operations veterans. Her counsel was instrumental in making The Go-Giver the powerful story that it is.


Portfolio LogoPortfolio (The Publisher)
Portfolio was established in 2001 as the first dedicated business book imprint within Penguin Group (USA) Inc. It publishes distinctive books in the fields of management, leadership, marketing, business narrative, investing, personal finance, economics, and career advice.


The McBride Literary Agency (The Agent)
McBride Literary AgencyIn our opinion, the best literary agency this side of… anywhere! The entire team is not only highly skilled and professional, they are also truly ‘Go-Givers’ themselves.