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  • … and Bulgaria makes 18!

    Published February 7th, 2011 by

    We just found today: we are turning 18!

    How’s that? Well, we just learned from Brooke Carey, our wonderful editor at Portfolio, that there is now a Bulgarian edition of The Go-Giver in the works.

    On the heels of the recent addition of a Hungarian edition (that would be #17), that now brings to eighteen the total number of foreign-language editions!

    You can click here to see all the covers, with links to the different editions, but below is a quick look at the fascinating multitude of ways the translators have rendered the book’s title and subtitle:

    The Go-Giver
    A little story about a powerful business idea

    The Go-Giver (Die Weg-Gewer)
    A story about a powerful business idea
    (’n Storie oor ’n Kragtige Sake-idee)


    CHINESE (simplified)
    To Be a Positive Giver

    CHINESE (complex)
    Giving Power
    Life-changing adventure of five

    The Go-Giver
    An inspiring tale of getting when you give
    (En inspirerende fortælling om at få, når man giver)

    The Go-Giver (De Go-Giver)
    An inspiring story about the value of giving
    (een inspirerend verhaal over de waarde van geven)

    Give Without Measure (Donner Sans Compter)
    An inspiring story that brings new relevance to the proverb “give and you shall receive”

    The Power of Giving
    A little story about a big business idea

    The Giver
    or, Why is it true that … “he gives a lot more to get it back”?

    The Grantor (Sang Pemberi)
    Five laws of highest success

    You Give
    Pinder fulfill the dream of millionaires in five secrets

    Rachel’s Coffee
    Five rules to reach huge success

    The Giver (Rozdawca)
    A short story about a great business idea

    Give to Receive (Dar Para Recibir)
    the secret to success in business

    Give More, Get More

    The Way of the Giver (Yolveren)
    A short story about a powerful business idea

    Who Dared To Go (Người dám cho đi)
    A little story about a powerful business idea

    How many ways can you say, stratospheric?

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    1. Paolo Pugni on May 30, 2011

      I notice that Italy is not in the list.
      Since I wrote some books on business and know some publisher, is there something I can do for you to help landing in Italy?
      In case you believe that could be an option, just ask, I’ll be pleased to do what I can to help you in any way.

    2. John David Mann on May 30, 2011

      Hi Paolo,

      I wrote to you on email as well, but thought I’d answer here, too, in case you see this first!

      Thanks so much for writing, and pointing this out. We would LOVE to have an Italian edition on the market, of course — every time a new edition comes out, we figure there are that many more people we’re reaching with our message!

      if you know of an Italian publisher who yuo think might be interested in producing an Italian edition of The Go-Giver, please let us know, and we will connect them with our US publisher here to discuss Italian rights!

      Grazie, Paolo!

    3. Kent on December 30, 2012

      Wow, you got Chinese version of Go-Giver, where can I get it? Mind to give me the link?

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